APX8000 P25 All-Band Portable Two-Way Radio

APX8000 P25 All-Band Portable Two-Way Radio
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Type: P25 Portable Radios
Brand: Motorola Solutions
Model: APX8000


With 4 RF bands and multi-mode system access, the APX 8000 knows no limits when it comes to interoperability. Whether it’s loud or windy, whether you whisper or yell, the Adaptive Audio Engine and ultra-loud speaker bring clarity into every conversation. With Wi-Fi access, the APX 8000 can quickly receive new codeplugs, firmware and software features in order to redeploy the radio fleet with ease as users keep talking without interruption. Intuitively designed with a familiar look and feel, the compact APX 8000 is always comfortable to use, from your grip to your holster.
  • 4 Bands in 1 Radio: 7/800 MHz, VHF and UHF Range 1 and Range 2 bands
  • Modes and Protocols include: Analog MDC-1200 and QCII, Digital P25, Conventional or Trunked, Smartnet / SmartZone, clear or secure, repeater or direct
  • Adaptive Dual-sided Operation using beam-forming technology so you can talk into either side of the radio.
  • Adaptive Noise Suppression adjusts the audio algorithm so you can cancel out the noise as it changes in the environment.
  • Adaptive Speaker Equalization adjusts the 1 watt loud speaker settings based on volume selection so the sound is optimized for talker authenticity at lower volumes and speech intelligibility at higher volumes.
  • Adaptive Gain Control adjusts microphone gain based on how loud you talk into the radio to ensure a consistent audio level on the receiving end.
  • Adaptive Windporting engages a third microphone in order to cancel out wind noise.
  • Familiar look and feel of the compact APX 6000 but with the RF band access of two APX 7000 radios.
  • Flexible All-band Antenna that bends easily while you'??re moving around on the job.
  • Aggressive T-shape so the radio is easier to grip even with wet or slippery hands.
  • Top Display  provides quick access to radio status information and critical notifications.
  • Intelligent Lighting uses 3 simple colors to alert users of critical radio events like emergency, low battery, out of range and private calls and pages.
  • Voice Announcement provides audible confirmation of zone/channel selections and various feature like scan, direct mode, emergency, encryption and controls lock.
  • Radio Profiles allows the agency to create custom user experience based on the role and mission of the user.
  • Update your radio fleet software more efficiently without interrupting voice communications or waiting for idle radios.
  • Up to 20 WiFi Networks can be provisioned in the radio so that users can seamlessly receive radio software updates at facility WiFi access points or in the field via WiFi hot spots.
  • GPS Outdoor Personnel Tracking shares your personnel'??s location, resulting in more efficient task assignment and enhanced officer safety.
  • Mission Critical Wireless Bluetooth connects quickly and securely with remote speaker microphones, surveillance kits and the LEX L10 Mission Critical LTE Handheld for radio remote control. Off-the-shelf BT audio and data accessories are also supported.
  • Aluminum Alloy Endoskeleton protects the radio's interior from water intrusion even if the outer housing is breached.
  • IP 67 rating ensures the radio can withstand 1 meter water submersion for 30 minutes.
  • Delta-T option ensures the radio can withstand 2 meters  water submersion for 2 hours.
  • MIL-STD 810 C, D, E, F, G rating ensures you can rely on your radio in the most extreme environments.
  • Tempered Glass protects the radio'??s color display user interface from scratches, impact and pressure.
  • Dual Latch Battery protects the radio from resetting, powering off or ejecting the battery upon impact from drops.
  • Multiple hardware encryption algorithms like AES, DES, ADP with up to 128 keys so sensitive information stays protected from scanners and eavesdroppers.
  • Over-the-air Re-key (OTAR) to efficiently update encryption keys of fielded radios over time.
  • P25 Radio Authentication ensures only valid users can access the system.
  • Two-factor Authentication allows users to securely query databases.



Dimensions H x W x D (without standard battery): 5.47 in. x 2.98 in. x 1.58 in.
Weight (without standard battery): 11.25 oz.
Display: Yes, Top (Model 1.5) or Front Display (Model 2.5 and 3.5), Alphanumeric, Numeric, Color
   No - Model 1.5
   Limited - Model 2.5
   Full DTMF Keypad - Model 3.5
Emergency Button: Yes
Battery Life (based on a 5 5 90 duty cycle): 12 hours using standard battery
Standard Battery Chemistry Type: Lithium Ion
Frequency Band: VHF, UHF, UHF-1, UHF-2, 700 MHz, 800 MHz
Frequency Range: 
   700/800 (764-776, 794-806, 806-824, 851-870 MHz)
   VHF (136-174 MHz)
   UHF Range 1 (380-470 MHz)
   UHF Range 2 (450-520 MHz)
   700: 1-2.5 Watts
   800: 1-3 Watts
   VHF: 1-6 Watts
   UHF Range 1: 1-5 Watts
   UHF Range 2: 1-5 Watts
Channel Spacing: 12.5 kHz, 20 kHz, 25 kHz
Encryption Type Algorithms: Advanced Digital Privacy (ADP), AES, DES, DES-XL, DES-OFB, DVP-XL
Wi-Fi Security: WPA2, WPA and WEP
Mil Spec: 810 C, 810 D, 810 E, 810 F, 810 G
IP Standards: IP67
Intrinsically Safe: No
GPS Capable: Yes
Memory Channel: Yes
Text Messaging Capable: Yes
Voice Announcement: Yes
Mission Critical Wireless Bluetooth: Yes
Wi-Fi: Yes
Adaptive Audio Engine: Yes
Over-the-air Programming: Yes
Lone Worker: No
Multi-slot Packet Data: No
Time Out Timer: No
Transmit Interrupt: No
System Type: Analog/Digital; 3600/9600; Smartzone/P25; Conventional/Trunked