IMPRES Single Unit Charger

IMPRES Single Unit Charger
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Type: Chargers
Brand: Motorola Solutions
Model: NNTN7080

Rapid-rate, single-unit charging system. 

Through the use of advanced charging algorithms and automatic reconditioning features, the Motorola IMPRES Smart Energy System ensures maximum talk-time and optimized battery life for your APX subscribers. This smart energy system automatically reconditions IMPRES batteries based on actual usage, keeping them in peak condition. Talk-time and cycle life are optimized and the need for manual maintenance programs is eliminated.


Charge Rate: Rapid rate
Charger Type: IMPRES
Chemistry: Li Ion, NiMH
Line Cord: Yes
Number of Pockets: 1
Operating Voltage (AC): 110V
Reconditioning Capable: Yes
Weight: 0.81 lbs / .36 Kg
Dimensions (h x w x d): 2.25" x 3.75" x 6.5"